Mohamed Kabboua’s Work, 2003-2013



Mohamed Kabboua: Art Worker



Galerie Lafnar: This is a Lantern




Our Voices on the Move -Nuestras voces en movimiento-

Galerie Lafnar:  “Esto es una linterna”  (“Ceci est une lanterne”)


Joel Abadal:  Volant cap al circ, 2010  (Joel Abadal:  Flying to the Circus)

Tants Caps, Tants Cabells (For Each Head, their own Hair Style) 2010

Cartografías mentales (Mental Cartographies) 2009

Sísifo (Sisyphus) 2008

Guerras virtuales (2007) (Virtual Wars)

Lo que Natura da, Salamanca manifiesta (What Nature Gives, Salamanca Shows) 2006


Eduardo Subirats:  No al no ser (Eduardo Subirats:  a No to Not Being)


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